Jeff George did a great job of helping me to know what childproofing we needed, installed things quickly and well, AND - so important - showed me how to work everything.

As a Certified Childbirth Educator for Irvine Medical Center, I just had to spread the news about your business. Here is a copy of the email I just sent to 28 people in MOPS, La Leche League and a couple of south county hospital education departments:

"To friends who care about babies & families (28 of you by blind cc) Please feel free to share this information with parents, expectant and on the job, for an excellent company to baby proof homes in Orange County. I have been teaching about baby-safe homes for years, but learned more today.

My recommendation for "The Original Safety for Toddlers, Inc" comes from watching Jeff George capably install cupboard and toilet latches, a stairwell gate and pantry door locks at my house. Jeff was knowledgeable about what products are on the market, what works best and how to meet individual needs. (i.e. This is just grandparents' house - with occasional
visits from busy toddlers - so I don't want a difficult toilet lock.)
They advertise only in OC Parent Magazine, at no maternity teas, but I want every
parent in Orange County to know about them.

The Original Safety for Toddlers Inc 949-248-4387 ( I think they may
have an affiliate in Riverside) 

Becky Ward CCE, CLE

Yes - much could be do-it-yourself, but my husband loves it that he gets to enjoy the result, and have the best, most effective products."



The Original Safety for Toddlers.com
Orange County, California

(714) 425-8466

 The Original Safety for Toddlers