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  06Living Room and Den

Furniture throughout the house should be sturdy and without protrusions. Furniture should have rounded corners and should be placed away from windows to keep children from climbing to dangerous heights and possibly falling out of the window.

If any piece seems unstable, then it should be anchored to the wall. Not only can a toddler climb on large pieces, but an earthquake can send unstable furniture crashing down along with the breakables displayed on the furniture.

Coffee tables should have rounded corners to avoid split temples and lips. If glass tabletops are used, the glass should be 3/4" thick and should be made of tempered glass.


Staircases have provided both adults and children with bumps, bruises, broken bones and other injuries. Barrier gates at the top and bottom of the stairs should be permanently bolted to the wall and have an automatic locking device.

Avoid accordion-type gates, especially the ones with diamond-shaped openings, since those have been known to pinch fingers and toes. The diamond shape also creates a ladder effect, which could allow a toddler to climb and fall over the top. These folding gates have caused serious injuries by trapping small heads. Spaces between stair posts should be less than four inches apart so a child can't get his small head caught between the posts. Safety for Toddlers recommends and installs acrylic panels on stair balconies, both interior and exterior, to provide a measure of safety.



The mirrors should have taped backs and a safety film to avoid shards of glass should a mirror be accidentally knocked down. Mirrors should have smoothed edges and corners. Wall hangings should be securely attached to the wall. Do not hang mirrors or picture frames over a child's bed




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