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I would like to take a few moments of your time to tell you about CHILD SAFETY. My name is Ken George. I own and operate a successful child safety business in Southern California. "THE ORIGINAL SAFETY FOR TODDLERS" is a service-oriented business providing child safe environments for families in Orange County. I recognized the need for this service in the late 1960's while working for the city of Arcadia, Ca. as a police officer.

I had on many occasions responded to a household, with paramedics, at the request of a panicked parent because of an injury suffered by a child in that home. It didn't take long before I realized that these injuries to children could be prevented should the parent take precautions by installing safety devices to prevent that accident. I began consulting with these parents on how to avoid these childhood injuries.

In October 1973 I was placed on disability due to a work related injury. My daughter Jennifer was just seven months old at that time. For eighteen months I was spending most of my days with my daughter and going through physical therapy to get me back on my feet. I had observed my daughter's curiosities as she opened the lower cabinets that contained harmful cleaning chemicals, crawled to the stairs and made attempts to climb them, as well as her fascination with electrical cords. This made me realize that it was now time for me to take the necessary measures to make our home safe for Jennifer. I installed safety devices that would prevent and keep her from injury. I then helped a neighbor with their home, and soon after I helped a relative of that neighbor. The NEED was there and the IDEA developed. 1979 was the beginning of developing my business.

Since 1991 I have trained over one hundred individuals who have started a home-based Child Safety Business. Some of those individuals today, are operating a successful business of their own, on a full time basis. Others have chosen to operate on a part time basis. I am still, at this time, very involved in my own business here in Southern California and continue to train others who desire to start their own Child Safety Business. I continue to act as a consultant to some of the major manufacturers of child safety products.

This is not a franchise. I collect no residuals from you. You will learn, during your training, all of the manufacturers and suppliers. You will purchase all of your products from the same manufacturers and suppliers that I purchase from. You will be able to purchase at the same pricing made available to me, which enables you to enjoy the same profits that I do. Your training will involve products used in this growing industry, the proper techniques of installing products, recognizing hazards in the customers home, developing clients, and much more. The following pages will outline your training. After you have completed your training with me, you will have my continued support.

I look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions, I can be reached at E-MAIL or by calling (949) 248-4387. Thank you for your interest in this growing and rewarding industry.

Very Truly Yours,

Ken George



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