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Each year, more children die in home accidents than from all childhood diseases combined, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A child requires much supervision. And it is just that: SUPER-VISION. However, at times, even an exemplary parent can lose sight of a youngster. Those precious moments can mean life or death to a child. The best defense against injury is providing a safe environment for your child to live in, along with constant supervision.

A parent can make the most impact on child safety by making the environment "child resistant". No one can "BABY-PROOF" or "CHILD-PROOF" a home, but a home can be made a safer place to take those harmless stumbles that are part of growing up.

Safety for Toddlers is dedicated to child safety and experienced in the use of and installation of quality and tested safety products.

The following Room-by-Room Home Safety Guide will explain the purpose and use of the safety features as well as provide parents with an initial view of very basic safety issues.

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