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I hope that the preceding information is helpful to everyone who reads it. Not one of us can prevent all accidents; however, all of us can contribute to the prevention of most of the common and obvious.

Ken George recommends to all parents of newborns through toddlers, to take a child's eye view of what your child sees. As a parent, get down on your hands and knees and look around, inside your home, and see what your child sees through his/her eyes. The obvious hazards and dangers will stare right back at you.

As a parent, for the first time, you will encounter those tears in your child's eyes, those outcries for help, or a "pick-me-up-and-rub-my-head" scream. Don't panic, these are growing pains. When a child is born, there is no "Guarantee" tag attached, or "Return If Damaged" label. All of us who have raised children, or who are planing a family, will have many moments when our hearts will pound faster than normal. But remember, when your child was born, the mold was broken. Only we as parents can help that child grow up healthy and safely. Provide a healthy and safe environment for your child to live in.

If you have a friend, relative, or know of someone who would like a copy of these "CHILD SAFETY TIPS", please contact us and we will send one to them or give them our website address.

And remember, there is no such thing as "BABY-PROOFING" or "CHILD-PROOFING". NOTHING SUBSTITUTES FOR PARENT SUPERVISION. If you install or have installed child safety devices, these devices are only safe and become safe if used properly. We must never stop teaching our children safety.



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